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Offer yourself a pause, get back in shape, detox... a break in your life.

Welcome to VitaDetox.


The members of VitaDetox offer fasting and detox holidays, associated with adapted physical activity to maintain and improve your fitness and health.


Staying at a certified VitaDetox center guarantees that you will be personally accompanied by certified competent professionals. Our values : coherence, authenticity, skill-sharing, updating of knowledge and education.

The holidays that we offer fall into the following categories :
• Detox food : living food, mono-diets (rice, spelt, fruit, vegetables...) vegetable and herb juices...
• Buchinger fasting : diluted fruit juice, herbal teas, vegetable broths
• Water fasting.
During a VitaDetox holiday you will take part in physical activities such as hiking (on foot, by bike, on snowshoes, with donkeys, lamas...), yoga, sophrology, dancing, Do in, Qi Dong, Tai Chi Chuan....

You will increase your knowledge by attending our conferences and debates on healthy living and nutrition.