VitaDetox offers several types of programs: detox, fasting/mono diet, raw food.

Detox with VitaDetox !

If you are on this page, you must be wondering about detoxing, whether it be through fasting or with light healthy food (hypo toxic), combined with adapted physical activity.


Perhaps you feel that your diet is too much, too rich, too salty, too sweet, your body is stocking fat, you’re overweight, you feel clogged up inside, you find it difficult to cope with stress?


Well the good news is that it is possible to get back into shape, find vitality and energy with the detox programs in the VitaDetox network!


The other good news is that, at some point in your life, you may have already detoxed without knowing, for example when you had the flu, because more than 24 hours without food is fasting!



Just as there are different forms of detox methods, there are also different forms of fasting:

  • Dietary fasting like the ones offered by members of VitaDetox or the FFJR (French Federation of Fasting and Hiking)

  • Therapeutic fasting which is proposed in specialized clinics (the Buchinger Clinics).

  • Liquid fasting, based on the Buchinger method, and focused on diet, consists of water, herbal teas, fruit juice and vegetable broths (all organic).



Detox programs with light healthy food are, for example, based on:

  • Seasonal mono diets with food such as:

    • grapes,

    • apples,

    • rice,

  • raw or very lightly cooked food

  • wheatgrass or barley grass juices

  • fermented vegetable juice (carrot, beetroot, cabbage, celery, black radish)


Detox programs with light food are usually gentler and require a little less preparation. Indeed, to detox efficiently, you must prepare yourself by reducing your food intake several days before the program and by purging your digestive system with the assistance of the person in charge of your program.


All the programs put the excretory organs to work: the skin, the kidneys, the liver and the intestines and stimulate your auto-immune system. They will mobilize new energy. Any healthy person can attend these programs but there are some conditions which we cannot accept for medical reasons.


As far as your body is concerned, the combination of detox and gentle physical activity enables you to eliminate excess (fat, water retention…) and what makes the body ill (toxins and toxics).


At the end of your program you will have:


  • regained a radiant complexion,

  • improved your digestion, your skin, your allergies, sinus problems, arthritis (and any inflammation in general) as well as migraines,

  • increased your immunity.


These programs stimulate your metabolism. They act preventively against hypertension, excess weight, and excess cholesterol. And a lot more …!


From a spiritual and mental point of view, they can help you to relax, slow down, regain your self-esteem, ground yourself, find peace, and distinguish between hunger and emotional eating.


These programs may be carried out on your own but in a group it is a lot more fun because the group will support you and be of precious help should things become challenging for you.


A real adventure is awaiting you not only physically, through deep cleansing, but also emotionally on an amazing journey of self-discovery.  


As Doctor Lützner wrote, this is all here to help you “to release yourself from your daily habits, to remove everything that may be toxic, to take the time to relax, to breathe fresh air, to undertake adapted physical activity… The cherry on the cake is your weight loss and a flat belly!


Once you have experienced the benefits of detox, it will become a regular practice in your life.


If you should require any other information, feel free to consult the VitaDetox members’ sites, which are full of information about fasting or detox diets. 


Are you ready to experience this beautiful adventure with us?