‘VitaDetox & Cie®’Quality Charter


Preamble: ‘VitaDetox & Cie®’ does not belong to any political, partisan or religious movement.


Article 1:

The members of 'VitaDetox & Cie ®' offer programs enabling you to maintain and improve your fitness and health by experiencing short-term healthy natural diets (detox, raw food, mono diets, touring programs, and fasting with the Buchinger method) associated with adapted physical activities: for instance, hiking, sophrology, swimming, cycling, tai chi, yoga, qi gong, do in…


Article 2:

The ‘VitaDetox & Cie®’ programs are for adults who are in good physical and psychological form.


Article 3:

The members of ‘VitaDetox & Cie®’ provide professional coaching. If they are not doctors or medical practioners, they agree to refer their customers to another professional when and if the latter need treatment or therapeutic assistance which they have not been trained to deal with themselves.

They agree to present clear and concise offers, openly defining the limits of their professional skills. They ensure that the information they provide to their clients is valid by cross-checking all their sources. They agree to regularly update their skills and knowledge. They agree to respect and make sure others respect current legislation.



Article 4:

The members of ‘VitaDetox & Cie®’ provide information concerning fasting, nutrition and health practices.

The members of VitaDetox have received detox or fasting training with a training organization recognized by VitaDetox.


Article 5:

The members of ‘VitaDetox & Cie®’ use natural, organic and, whenever possible, local products and the programs are alcohol free, tobacco free and drug free.

Article 6:

The members of ‘VitaDetox & Cie®’ apply and enforce the elementary rules of caring, discretion and confidentiality. The members of VitaDetox respect everyone’s values without judging and treat all their clients equally. They do not allow propaganda or religious or ideological proselytism in their workplaces.

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